Digital TV News: Phil Evans

OBS implementation of CI Plus 1.4 ECP made available through DTVKit
Mar 21, 2018 – OBS has announced that it has made a reference implementation of its CI Plus 1.4 software stack available to the DTVKit community. It is compliant with Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) requirements.
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OBS integrates DTVKit with Android
Mar 8, 2018 – OBS has announced that it has integrated DTVKit into Android using the TV Input Framework (TIF). This enables OEMs to provide access to broadcast DVB services on their Android powered devices. The DTVKit Android integration software is available to DTVKit members.
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ACCESS and DTVKit pre-integrate browser and DVB components for HbbTV and HTML5
Sep 13, 2017 – ACCESS CO. and DTVKit have announced a collaboration to offer open standards-based solutions to the connected entertainment industry. Chromium browser and DVB components are pre-integrated for HbbTV and HTML5 connected applications.
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DTVKit HbbTV 1.5 now available on the Ekioh TV Browser
Jun 4, 2015 – DTVKit has announced that their HbbTV 1.5 solution is now available on the Ekioh TV Browser. This provides the industry with a commercially sourced browser and the availability of the first turn-key HbbTV solution together with Ekioh.
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Ocean Blue To Unveil New User Interface at IP&TV World Forum
Mar 1, 2012 – Ocean Blue Software will launch their graphical User Interface 'Spinnaker' at the IP&TV World Forum. Spinnaker has been developed using QML and enables customers to re-skin the UI with their own corporate identity, or build their own UI from scratch.
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ANT and Ocean Blue Partner for HbbTV and Connected TV solutions
Sep 2, 2010 – ANT (LSE AIM: ANTP) has announced a partnership with Ocean Blue Software. The combined solution provides connected TV services, including HbbTV, by integrating the ANT Galio Platform with Ocean Blue's Sunrise™ DVB and Voyager™ MHEG technology.
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