Digital TV News: RMI Corp

Samsung Selects RMI Processor for 'LED TV Couple' Product Family
Sep 4, 2009 – RMI Corporations's Au1250® processor has been selected for Samsung's LED TV Couple. The LED TV Couple allows two channels of video to be watched on a primary digital TV as well as on the portable LED TV Couple device simultaneously.
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RMI® Corporation Signs Licensing Agreement for DivX Plus™ HD Certification
Sep 3, 2009 – DivX (Nasdaq: DIVX) and RMI Corp have announced a licensing agreement for next-generation DivX Plus™ HD Certification. Under the agreement, RMI is granted a license to support DivX Plus HD technology on its Au1200 and Au1300 processors.
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Nexstreaming and RMI Team up to Deliver CMMB Mobile TV
Jun 4, 2009 – RMI Corporation and Nexstreaming have announced that they have successfully combined and optimized their technologies to enable first-in-class devices supporting mobile TV services over China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting (CMMB) network.
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Digital Cube Selects RMI's Au1300 Processor for its Next Generation Platform
Feb 18, 2009 – RMI Corporation has announced that Digital Cube has selected the Alchemy Au1300 Processor for its next generation platform to fuel its Mobile Internet Devices and Portable Media Players with HD video playback and a rich 3D user interface.
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RMI Introduces Industry's Most Advanced Processor for Portable Media Applications With Integrated ARM Mali 3D Graphics Acceleration
Jan 8, 2009 – RMI Corporation has introduced its game changing RMI Alchemy™ Au1300™ Processor Family, targeted at consumer devices requiring high CPU performance, low power consumption, and rich media capabilities.
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ThinkNavi Picks RMI Alchemy Au1250 Processor for ThinkNavi T7 DVB-T Portable Navigation and Mobile TV Media Player
Jun 3, 2008 – RMI Corporation has announced that Thinkware, a leader in the personal and portable navigation industry, has selected the RMI Alchemy™ Au1250™ Processor for its ThinkNavi T7, a DVB-T based Portable Media Player for the European Market.
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Consumer Electronics Leaders Showcase MIPS-Based™ Products at CES 2008
Jan 17, 2008 – MIPS Technologies (NasdaqGS: MIPS) has announced that a broad array of the world's leading consumer electronics companies debuted and demonstrated design innovations based on the industry-leading MIPS® architecture at last week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
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RMI's Alchemy Processor Selected for iRiver's Newly Announced WinCE 5.0-Based P10 Personal Media Player
Jan 8, 2008 – RMI Corporation™ has announced that Reigncom (iRiver) has chosen the RMI Alchemy™ Au1250 Processor for its recently announced iRiver P10 Personal Media Player with Touch-Screen.
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RMI Launches the Fastest and the Most Power-Optimized Consumer Processor in the Industry for Multifunction Portable Media Players
Jan 7, 2008 – RMI Corporation™ (RMI®) has announced that it is shipping the highest performing and most power-optimized embedded processor in the industry for multifunction portable media players (mPMP™), mobileTV, and personal navigation devices.
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