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Internet-Delivered Video Growth Continues to Drive Physical DVDs into Double-Digit Decline
Dec 13, 2010 – To replace retail DVD revenue losses, the online digital paid video download and streaming segment is expected to show high revenue growth. Annual revenue is forecast to grow from $2.3 billion to $6.3 billion within five years, says In-Stat.
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Samsung Reaches Smart TV Milestone with 1 Millionth TV App Downloaded Globally
Dec 2, 2010 – Samsung has announced the 1 millionth TV application downloaded globally from Samsung Apps, the world's first HDTV-based application store. The company's 200th TV application is now live via the platform.
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Best Buy Selects Widevine as a Preferred Provider for DRM and Adaptive Streaming
Aug 31, 2010 – Widevine has announced that Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) has chosen Widevine to be a preferred provider of adaptive streaming, virtual DVD controls and digital rights management (DRM) on Insignia connected devices.
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Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem Unveils UltraViolet™ Brand
Jul 20, 2010 – The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) has announced its consumer brand - UltraViolet™ - and logo. In addition, the consortium announced three additional new members bringing the total to nearly 60 member companies.
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Widevine 4.4.4 Brings New Over-the-Top and TV Everywhere Features, Customers and Devices
Apr 21, 2010 – Widevine has announced the commercial availability of version 4.4.4 of its video optimization and digital rights management (DRM) platform for over-the-top and TV Everywhere services delivered to retail consumer electronics.
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Sonic Solutions and DivX Bring Strategic Partnership to Mobile Devices
Feb 15, 2010 – Sonic Solutions® (Nasdaq: SNIC) and DivX (Nasdaq: DIVX) have announced at Mobile World Congress an expanded partnership to enable the digital distribution of an extensive catalogue of premium titles on DivX Certified® mobile devices.
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Monsoon Multimedia Introduces Convergence Device with 4 Major Video Technologies
Jan 7, 2010 – Monsoon Multimedia has announced Volcano, its home video convergence device. Volcano incorporates time shifting, place shifting, internet video, and new functionalities that support streaming and recording video to smartphones, all in one box.
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Toshiba Unveils Powerful CELL TV™ for the USA
Jan 6, 2010 – Toshiba has announced that the company has developed groundbreaking home entertainment technology and is introducing the ZX900 Series CELL TV™ into the U.S. market. CELL TV is the focal demonstration of Toshiba's 2010 CES exhibit.
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DivX Launches New Internet TV Platform
Jan 6, 2010 – DivX (Nasdaq: DIVX) has announced the launch of DivX TV™, a comprehensive embedded Internet TV platform that provides access to a diverse line-up of online media content streamed directly to any connected device from any manufacturer.
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