Digital TV News: Entropic

Inverto ships Entropic-based Unicable multi-switch to DTH operator in India
Jan 21, 2014 – Entropic (Nasdaq:ENTR) and Inverto Digital Labs have announced that a major direct broadcast satellite operator in India has deployed Inverto's Quad Unicable™ multi-switch based on Entropic's Channel Stacking Switch.
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Entropic completes integration of Cryptography Research CryptoFirewall security cores
Jan 8, 2014 – Entropic (Nasdaq:ENTR) and Cryptography Research (Nasdaq:RMBS) have announced that Entropic has completed the integration of the Cryptography Research CryptoFirewall™ security core technology into its line of set-top box SoCs.
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Entropic, TVSTORM develop Android-based IP Set-Top Box with Miracast functionality
Jan 7, 2014 – Entropic (Nasdaq:ENTR) and TVSTORM have announced the availability of an Android-based IP set-top box (IP-STB) with advanced features including Miracast functionality.
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Entropic unveils lineup of fully-integrated set-top box solutions
Jan 7, 2014 – Entropic (Nasdaq:ENTR) has announced its first fully-integrated set-top box SoC family, the EN7300-series, which integrates HEVC decoding, MoCA 2.0 home networking, dual DVB-S/S2 demodulators with full-band capture, and 3D graphics acceleration.
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Novabase, Entropic develop HDMI IP-set-top box stick with broadcast quality security
Jan 7, 2014 – Novabase and Entropic (Nasdaq:ENTR) have announced the development of an HDMI IP-based set-top box (IP-STB) stick that supports broadcast quality conditional access security (CAS).
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Entropic to embed NAGRA NOCS 3 security in set-top box SoCs
Jan 7, 2014 – Entropic (Nasdaq:ENTR) has announced that it is working with NAGRA (SIX:KUD.S). Through this engagement, Entropic will embed NAGRA's latest NAGRA-On-Chip Security (NOCS 3) conditional access and DRM into its line of set-top box SoCs.
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DIRECTV deploys Entropic Channel Stacking Switch in WNC multi-switch
Jan 6, 2014 – Entropic (NASDAQ: ENTR) and Wistron NeWeb (WNC) have announced that DIRECTV has deployed Entropic's digital Channel Stacking Switch (dCSS) technology in a new WNC multi-switch, the DSWM13.
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BSkyB deploys Entropic Channel Stacking Switch in Unitron multi-switch
Jan 6, 2014 – Entropic (Nasdaq:ENTR) and Unitron have announced that the Unitron Johansson multi-switch, powered by Entropic's EN5218 channel stacking switch technology, gives Sky subscribers in UK and Ireland MDUs full access to Sky+ PVR and multi-room services.
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Entropic reports third quarter 2013 results
Oct 29, 2013 – Entropic (Nasdaq:ENTR) has reported results for the quarter ended September 30, 2013. Entropic reported third quarter net revenues of $56.4 million. This compares to net revenues of $70.6 million in the second quarter of 2013, and $89.8 million in the third quarter of 2012.
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