Digital TV News: Inuk Networks

Inuk Networks Partners with SecureMedia to Create Secure Television Experience for the PC
Sep 10, 2008 – SecureMedia and Inuk Networks have announced integration of SecureMedia's Encryptonite ONE™ System CA/DRM with Inuk's igloo virtual set-top-box software to allow customers to extend their STB-based IPTV deployments to the PC or Mac.
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Magnet selects Inuk's igloo for PCTV solution to broadband and FTTH IPTV customers
Sep 10, 2008 – Inuk Networks has announced that Magnet Networks has selected Inuk's igloo virtual Set-Top Box to extend Magnet Entertainment's IPTV service to PC and Macs.
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Freewire, the Largest IPTV Service in UK, Now Protected by SecureMedia
Sep 8, 2008 – SecureMedia and Inuk Networks have announced that Freewire, the popular IPTV service in operation at over 40 university campuses across the UK, is now protected by SecureMedia Encryptonite One™ System.
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Ekioh UI Engine integral part of latest Freewire IPTV STB service
Sep 3, 2008 – Ekioh has announced that the Inuk Networks Freewire IPTV service, running on STBs using the Ekioh UI Engine, has been rolled out in several UK locations. The Ekioh UI Engine utilises the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) open standard from the W3C.
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S4C and Wesley Clover lead £9.5 Million investment in IPTV pioneer Inuk Networks
Jun 5, 2008 – Inuk Networks has announced that it is has completed a £9.5 million second round of funding led by broadcaster S4C and venture capital firm Wesley Clover.
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Freewire TV signs up more than 40,000 in the UK
Feb 14, 2008 – Inuk Networks has announced that 40,000 people are now receiving digital television through the company's Freewire TV IPTV service.
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First targeted, addressable TV advertising campaign over IPTV is announced
Jan 29, 2008 – Packet Vision has announced the completion of the world's first targeted TV advertising campaign to a predefined audience. The campaign, featuring a Mediacom financial client, ran daily on Channel 4 between 16 and 31 October.
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Inuk Networks launches world's first PC-based virtual set-top box; delivering a true TV experience to the PC
Sep 7, 2007 – Inuk Networks has announced the commercial launch of its igloo virtual set-top box software product. igloo enables IPTV platform operators to deliver a true television set-top box experience to a desktop or laptop computer or Mac using standards-based, technology-agnostic software.
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Inuk Selects Widevine to Secure UK's First IPTV Deployment to PCs
Sep 7, 2007 – Widevine has announced that UK-based Inuk Networks has chosen Widevine Cypher® for the PC to protect and enable its secure delivery of premium broadcast channels and video-on-demand content for its Freewire service -- the nation's first PCTV deployment launching this month.
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