Digital TV News: NXP

NXP Introduces Silicon Tuners with Zero-Power Loop-Through for Cable STBs
Mar 16, 2012 – NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) has introduced the TDA18250A and TDA18260A - its latest high-performance single and dual silicon tuners for cable set-top-boxes (STBs) covering worldwide digital cable standards.
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NXP Software demonstrates LifeVibes smart player at MWC 2012
Feb 28, 2012 – NXP Software is demonstrating new smart player solutions for TV and Video on Demand (VOD) at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012. They provide seamless access to content from any device and enable exciting experiences like social TV.
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NXP Software at Mobile World Congress 2012
Feb 23, 2012 – NXP Software is offering visitors demonstrations of its products at MWC 2012, including a solution for simultaneous video playback and interaction via social media, frame accurate video trimming and sharing, and software-based HD voice enhancements.
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NXP Software and Verimatrix bring secure content delivery to Android devices
Feb 16, 2012 – NXP Software has integrated Verimatrix ViewRight® Web client security into the Android version of its LifeVibes QuickPlayer. ViewRight Web enables enhanced security for adaptive streaming content delivery on Android phones and tablets.
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NXP Announces Silicon TV Tuner Fully Optimized for On-Board Design
Dec 6, 2011 – NXP (NASDAQ: NXPI) has announced the TDA18274, a high-performance silicon tuner for terrestrial and cable TV reception. Supporting all analog and digital TV standards, the TDA18274 hybrid silicon tuner is optimized for direct 'on-board' designs.
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Broadcom Market Exit Shows Dramatic Decline of Western TV Chip Suppliers
Sep 29, 2011 – Broadcom's (NASDAQ: BRCM) exit from the markets for TV video processing chips illustrates the intense state of competition in this area, as Asian suppliers drive the established Western suppliers out of the business, according to iSuppli (NYSE: IHS).
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NXP Delivers Industry's Lowest Power Ku-Band Downconverters for Satellite TV Receivers
Sep 22, 2011 – NXP (NASDAQ: NXPI) has introduced the TFF101xHN, a family of downconverters for use in LNB 10.7-12.75GHz Ku band satellite receiver systems. The DVB-S compliant downconverters consume 50-percent less current than other integrated solutions.
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Skyworth Selects NXP for Silicon Tuner-Powered STB in China
Sep 9, 2011 – NXP (NASDAQ: NXPI) has announced that Skyworth Digital Technology (Hong Kong: 0751) has selected the NXP TDA18250 silicon tuner for its cable-TV set-top-box designs.
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NEOTION and ALCINEO present the world's first Conditional Access Module with built-in NFC technology
Sep 6, 2011 – NEOTION and ALCINEO have joined forces in developing the first Conditional Access Module with built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, allowing secure data exchange between TV, CAM and mobile devices.
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