Digital TV News: Discretix

HD Video Services on HTC One Devices Secured by Discretix
Apr 17, 2012 – Discretix has announced that its hardware-assisted content protection solutions are being used to secure HD video services on the recently launched HTC One Family of Android Smartphones.
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Hardware-Assisted DRM and Link Protection from Discretix Enabling HD Video Worldwide
Apr 16, 2012 – Discretix' hardware-assisted content protection protects sensitive DRM assets by fully integrating with the ARM® TrustZone® ecosystem, across all leading platforms, utilizing a variety of Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) and Secure OSs.
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Latens and Discretix Partner to Extend Content Protection Beyond Pay TV Distribution Networks
Oct 18, 2011 – Discretix and Latens (LSE: PIC) has announced a partnership to extend content protection beyond traditional Pay TV networks to include smartphones, tablets and other connected devices.
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Skyviia Selects Discretix Hardware-Assisted DRM For Hybrid Set-Top Boxes SoCs
Apr 4, 2011 – Discretix has announced that Skyviia has chosen Discretix' Multi-Scheme DRM Client and CryptoCell embedded security platform for integration into its SoCs for hybrid set-top boxes.
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Gemtek Licenses Discretix Multi-Scheme DRM Client with Microsoft® PlayReady® Support
Feb 16, 2011 – Discretix has announced that Gemtek Technology has licensed its Multi-Scheme DRM Client with Microsoft PlayReady® support for Android based pocket-size smart TV box.
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Content protection on HTC's Android Devices, powered by Discretix
Feb 13, 2011 – Discretix has announced that HTC (Taipei:2498) has extended its Discretix Multi-Scheme DRM license, to include support for Microsoft PlayReady® DRM technology on Android smartphones and tablets.
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Discretix CPRM Content Protection Client Shipping on Selected Mobile Phones in Japan
Nov 15, 2010 – Discretix has announced that its CPRM Client has been shipping on selected mobile phones in Japan. The CPRM Client protects the distribution of content on SD cards and mobiles using the handset's processor, eliminating the need for dedicated CPRM hardware.
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Discretix Multi-Scheme DRM Supports Microsoft PlayReady, to Enable Premium Content on Connected Devices
Aug 25, 2010 – Discretix has announced that its Multi-Scheme DRM Client is supporting Microsoft PlayReady® content access and protection technology. The DRM client enables the distribution and use of premium digital content on connected multimedia devices.
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Discretix and CoreMedia demonstrate OMA DRM for mobile video streaming
Mar 18, 2009 – Discretix and CoreMedia have announced the availability of the world's first open standards-based solution for secure mobile video streaming.
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