Digital TV News: DivX

Roku signs IP license agreement with DivX
Nov 15, 2021 – DivX has signed an intellectual property (IP) license agreement with Roku. DivX plans to continue its patent licensing as a world leader in the research and development of digital video technology.
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Hisense to integrate DivX HEVC in its 4K Ultra HD TVs
May 27, 2015 – NeuLion (TSX: NLN) has announced that Hisense will integrate support for its DivX HEVC Ultra HD video playback into its 4K TV product portfolio.
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Broadcom cable SoCs DivX Certified for HEVC Ultra HD
Apr 13, 2015 – NeuLion (TSX: NLN) has announced that Broadcom's family of Ultra HD solutions has been DivX Certified for HEVC Ultra HD, enabling support for 4K video streaming on cable set-top boxes.
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Altech selects DivX HEVC Ultra HD and DivX Plus HD for STBs
Jan 20, 2015 – DivX and Altech have announced an agreement to license and integrate DivX Plus HD and DivX HEVC technology into Altech's upcoming set-top boxes. The devices will be made available to consumers through retail and operator channels.
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Realtek first chip certified for DivX HEVC 4K streaming
Jan 5, 2015 – DivX and Realtek Semiconductor have announced that Realtek's RTD2984DX-GR Ultra HD SoC has achieved DivX HEVC Certification, enabling streaming of highly efficient DivX HEVC video at up to 4K resolutions on new Ultra HD TV sets.
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Siligence chooses DivX HEVC Ultra HD technology for 4K STBs
Jan 5, 2015 – DivX and Siligence have announced that Siligence has signed a license agreement to implement DivX HEVC technology in its set-top boxes, enabling the playback of video at up to 4K resolution in the living room.
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GoLive selects DivX OmniView to power Smart TV OTT service
Jan 5, 2015 – DivX has announced that GoLive Movie has selected its DivX OmniView to power the secure delivery on-demand movie content to smart TVs. The service will be available initially in China on televisions from TCL.
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Konka chooses DivX HEVC for 4K TVs
Oct 15, 2014 – DivX and Konka have announced that the two companies will work together to implement DivX® HEVC Ultra HD (4K) technology across Konka’s line of 4K digital televisions.
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Mei Ah adopts DivX HEVC video streaming for mobile devices
Sep 11, 2014 – DivX has announced that Mei Ah Digital Technology has upgraded its license agreement and will adopt DivX® OmniView to power the delivery of on-demand DivX HEVC video streaming to mobile devices.
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