Digital TV News: Stephen Reeder

Ekioh launches first multithreaded embedded browser
May 1, 2018 – Ekioh has unveiled Flow, a multithreaded HTML browser specifically designed for multi-core processors that delivers a vastly improved user experience. Flow’s layout and animation performance is more than double the speed of other browsers on multi-core silicon.
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Exterity selects Ekioh TV Browser
Apr 10, 2018 – Ekioh has announced that Exterity has selected Ekioh's TV Browser for its range of IPTV and digital signage solutions. Products are already being deployed in corporate offices, hospitals, hotels, casinos and airports through the world using the two companies' technologies.
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Wiztivi and Ekioh provide browser-based UI at Argentina's Telecentro
Mar 28, 2017 – Wiztivi and Ekioh have announced that they have worked alongside cable operator Telecentro on a set-top box deployment in Argentina, together providing the User Experience running on the box.
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STK TV-SAT 364 selects Ekioh SVG UI Engine
Apr 25, 2016 – STK TV-SAT 364 has started to roll out an IPTV service in Poland using its RevoTV platform and Ekioh’s SVG UI Engine. The service uses set top boxes from Arris, Albis and Infomir.
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Altech Multimedia selects Ekioh's Twin Engine UI Browser
Sep 8, 2015 – Ekioh and Altech Multimedia have announced that Altech Multimedia has selected Ekioh's Twin Engine UI Browser for their high end DTR9401 IPTV set top box. The set top box has already been selected by a Middle Eastern network operator.
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DTVKit HbbTV 1.5 now available on the Ekioh TV Browser
Jun 4, 2015 – DTVKit has announced that their HbbTV 1.5 solution is now available on the Ekioh TV Browser. This provides the industry with a commercially sourced browser and the availability of the first turn-key HbbTV solution together with Ekioh.
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Zenterio integrates Ekioh HTML5 browser
Nov 20, 2014 – Zenterio has announces that the company has integrated Ekioh’s HTML5 TV Browser with its Zenterio OS. Ekioh’s TV Browser provides Zenterio with HTML5 features including the ability to support HTML5 middleware and render the latest OTT portals from within their TV operating system UI.
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Dune HD partners with Ekioh for high end user interface performance
Jan 21, 2014 – Ekioh has announced that Dune HD has deployed its twin rendering engine technology on their most popular TV series set top boxes, opening the market for advanced middleware implementations featuring high graphics performance.
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RiksTV Uses Ekioh Engines to Launch OTT Services in Norway
Nov 20, 2012 – Ekioh has announced that RiksTV have launched a range of new services in Norway using Ekioh's SVG & HTML engines. The Ekioh engines are at the heart of two new digital hybrid set-top boxes manufactured by Strong which are being sold to Norwegian customers through the retail market.
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