Digital TV News: unveil Playmigo, multiscreen made simple
Jun 21, 2017 – has announced the release of its casting solution, Playmigo. The SaaS and technology platform enables OTT video providers to cast their content to almost any connected TV device without the need to develop and deploy TV apps.
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Sigma Designs reports 2Q FY2015 results
Sep 10, 2014 – Sigma Designs (NASDAQ: SIGM) has reported results for its second fiscal quarter ended August 2, 2014. Net revenues for the quarter were $42.8 million, down $11.0 million from the same period last year.
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Sigma Designs, and Novabase bring VOD to South Africa
Sep 10, 2014 – Sigma Designs (NASDAQ: SIGM) has announced a collaboration with and Novabase on a rental service that allows consumers in South Africa to download VOD content at public kiosks via memory stick for playback on a low-cost STB.
News categories: Sigma Designs,, Novabase, Mustafa Ozgen, Fearghal Kelly, Michael Pauli, Digital TV, Gateway, IBC2023, Middleware, Semiconductor, Set Top Box, South Africa, Streaming and INSIDE Secure announce joint DRM implementation for STBs
Sep 8, 2014 – and INSIDE Secure have announced that they have launched a reference Encrypted Media Extension (EME) implementation on’s Iris HTML5 OS middleware application.
News categories:, INSIDE Secure, Fearghal Kelly, Martin Bergenwall, Content Protection, Digital TV, DRM, HTML5, Middleware, Set Top Box, Worldwide launches CastOS at IBC
Sep 3, 2014 – is to launch its CastOS framework at IBC. The CastOS framework allows service providers to 'cast' without worrying about the underlying protocols on the target connected devices.
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HbbTV three-way partnership launches integrated toolbox for broadcasters at BCA
Jun 19, 2013 – Three HbbTV technology vendors have combined their knowledge and products to present an HbbTV toolbox for broadcasters at BroadcastAsia. The partnership is between Screen, Icareus and
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Apr 8, 2013 – and Dune HD have announced a new cost-effective consumer platform aimed at carriers and retailers. Based on the Dune HD Connect StickSTB™ the agreement encompasses distribution, systems integration, research and development and support.
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KIT digital Showcases Integrated Social Program Guide at TV Connect 2013
Mar 19, 2013 – KIT digital, alongside will showcase a working example of its Social Program Guide application that connects a second screen device with a TV as part of KIT digital's Second Screen Interaction Suite at TV Connect 2013.
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Digisoft and Hambisana launch hybrid education/TV STB project in South Africa
Mar 15, 2013 – has announced a venture with Hambisana. Projects will centre around the delivery of television and education to under serviced areas. Connected set top boxes will be supplied with a keyboard and mouse, effectively delivering a low cost PC to be used with a consumer's own television.
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