Digital TV News: Intek

KX Intek launches Android TV Operator Tier STBs with Codespot
Aug 31, 2023 – KX Intek and Codespot have announced a collaboration to integrate Codespot's dotTV Android TV Operator Tier application with KX Intek's set-top boxes.
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Intek Digital licenses AI Nexus Healthcare platform for its STBs
Apr 20, 2023 – Intek Digital has licensed AI Nexus Healthcare's health screening and monitoring platform for its STBs, providing family members with information that adapts to each individual's wellness challenges.
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Synaptics to show Smart Edge AI media streamer solutions at IBC 2019
Sep 9, 2019 – Synaptics (NASDAQ: SYNA) has announced that at IBC 2019 it will show edge computing demonstrations featuring its Smart Edge AI AudioSmart and VideoSmart SoCs with machine learning AI capabilities that target a new generation of emerging smart home devices.
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WeTek helps Intek and Transvision to deploy Android TV in Indonesia
Sep 2, 2019 – WeTek has announced a successful partnership with Intek and Transvision, helping both companies deliver an Android TV solution in Indonesia. The project included the design of the company’s newest set-top box line.
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iWedia integrates Teatro-3.5 software on INTEK Android TV UHD STBs
Sep 15, 2017 – iWedia has announced that it has integrated its Teatro-3.5 software solution on top of the latest Android TV Ultra-High Definition (UHD) Set-Top Box (STB) from INTEK Digital, a leading Korean STB manufacturer.
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INTEK Digital selects SERAPHIC browser for global STB markets
Oct 31, 2016 – SERAPHIC has announced that INTEK Digital is to use its Sraf HTML5 browser in a range of set-top boxes for global markets. The browser will be used initially on HbbTV 1.5 and then later on HbbTV 2.0 compliant products.
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GSat Philippines DTH chooses Cubiware middleware
Jun 2, 2015 – Cubiware (NASDAQ: TIVO) has announced that its CubiTV hybrid middleware has been selected by Global Satellite (GSat) for delivery of digital video broadcast via satellite in the Philippines. CubiTV will be deployed on set-top boxes manufactured by Intek Digital.
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Finland's DNA launches on-demand television with SeaChange
Mar 12, 2014 – Finland's DNA has launched an on-demand TV service on SeaChange's (Nasdaq:SEAC) Adrenalin multi-screen TV software platform. DNA Welho Entertainment allows people to view their favorite television shows independent of time and place.
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Estonian Cable Television Operator Starman Selects SeaChange Software for VoD Service
May 30, 2012 – SeaChange International (NASDAQ: SEAC) has announced that Estonia's Starman, will roll out a nationwide video-on-demand (VOD) service based on the open SeaChange Adrenalin video back office.
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