Digital TV News: Intracom

Zito Media deploys Conklin-Intracom IPTV and TV Anywhere middleware
Feb 6, 2018 – Conklin-Intracom has announced Zito Media plans to adopt and complete the deployment of Conklin-Intracom IPTV and TV Anywhere middleware to all of its served markets, by the close of 2018.
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Conklin-Intracom powers Southern Fibernet’s SFN TV Now
Apr 17, 2017 – Conklin-Intracom has announced that Southern Fibernet’s SFN TV Now, powered by Conklin-Intracom’s fs|cdn Anywhere platform, is providing hosted TV services for communities in Valdosta, Georgia.
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Southern Fibernet adds TV Anywhere with Conklin-Intracom
Apr 4, 2016 – Conklin-Intracom has announced an additional order from Southern Fibernet for TV Anywhere features available on fs|cdn Anywhere IPTV platform. Southern Fibernet will optimize their current video services for viewing on mobile devices.
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Conklin-Intracom provides IPTV platform for Socket Telecom
Feb 23, 2016 – Conklin-Intracom has announced the successful launch of the fs|cdn Anywhere IPTV platform at Socket Telecom. Socket Telecom is a Missouri-based telephone and Internet service provider with the largest service area in the state.
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Conklin-Intracom releases mobile TV app
May 6, 2014 – Conklin Intracom has announced the release of its cdn|anywhere™ Mobile TV app. Cable and IPTV service providers can now deliver live television programming, digital video recordings, and on-demand video to their subscribers’ hand-held devices.
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Amino and Intracom to provide IPTV entertainment solution to South Eastern European operator
Jun 12, 2013 – Amino (AIM: AMO) and its digital content delivery solution partner Intracom Telecom have been awarded a new contract for the delivery of IPTV HD set-top boxes to a major South Eastern European operator.
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Amino wins set-top contract via Intracom Telecom
Jul 17, 2012 – Amino (AIM: AMO) has partnered with Intracom Telecom to secure a contract to provide HD IPTV set-top boxes for one of the fastest growing IPTV deployments in South Eastern Europe.
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Telekom Srbija Selects Entone For IPTV Rollout
Aug 2, 2011 – Entone has announced that its Amulet™ HD IPTV Receiver with digital video recorder (DVR) capabilities has been chosen by Telekom Srbija for its national high-definition (HD) IPTV rollout.
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Espial Partners with Conklin-Intracom to Upgrade IPTV Service for Oneida Telephone Exchange
Dec 9, 2010 – Espial has announced that they have partnered with Conklin-Intracom to upgrade the IPTV system for Oneida Telephone Exchange. Oneida Telephone Exchange provides triple play services to the City of Oneida, Illinois and its rural areas.
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