Digital TV News: Teleste

Telenor adds edge QAM device management from Teleste
Feb 16, 2023 – Telenor has selected Teleste to manage its edge QAM devices. The operator was already using Teleste's headend as an edge QAM platform, and the new software now helps it manage the devices remotely.
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DNA deploys Teleste transcoders for live TV and VOD services
Sep 13, 2018 – Teleste has revealed that DNA has deployed Teleste's Optimo transcoders for the delivery of live TV and VOD via OTT networks. The transcoders enable DNA to provide 4K TV channels and streaming videos, and customers can also enjoy the content on mobile devices.
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Teleste to deliver headend system to Türksat
Jun 11, 2018 – Teleste will deliver a complete headend system to Türksat in cooperation with its Turkish Value Added Reseller. Based on Teleste’s Luminato digital headend, the deployment will provide Türksat with a platform for CATV, OTT and IPTV delivery and live content processing.
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Multimedia Polska deploys OTT and TV Everywhere with Teleste
Sep 5, 2017 – Teleste has revealed that its Ubique video content management platform now powers OTT and TV Everywhere services for the subscribers of Multimedia Polska. Multimedia Polska selected Teleste's Ubique for the two-year project started in 2016.
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9 million broadband subscribers with DOCSIS 3.1 by 2017
Jan 28, 2016 – ABI Research has forecast that there will be approximately 9 million broadband subscribers using DOCSIS 3.1 equipment by 2017, representing slightly more than 1% of total fixed broadband subscriptions worldwide.
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Multimedia Polska selects Teleste next generation TV platform
Jan 11, 2016 – Teleste has announced that it has reached an agreement with Multimedia Polska for a next generation TV content delivery system. Teleste will deliver video processing and Content Delivery Network products and tech
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Teleste combines DVB-T broadcast TV with LTE data services
Sep 3, 2015 – Teleste has announced that the company will introduce a solution that combines DVB-T and LTE technologies to transmit high-quality broadcast TV and data services for households with an outdoor antenna.
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Teleste headend for Arganet IPTV in Brazil
Nov 20, 2014 – Teleste has announced that the company and its partner, Digital Designers TV, have provided a solution for content acquisition and delivery of live streaming IPTV for Arganet, an ISP located north of São Paulo.
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OLL.TV deploys Teleste headend for OTT service in Ukraine
Sep 10, 2014 – Teleste has announced the deployment of Teleste's Luminato headend platform in Ukraine. The platform will be an integral part of live TV reception in a new Over-the-top video service called OLL.TV.
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