Digital TV News: ATB

AltoBeam Closes $6M Series D Funding
May 14, 2012 – AltoBeam has announced that it has successfully closed a 6 million US dollars round of Series D funding. In 2011, AltoBeam enjoyed an over 80% TV and Set Top Box market share in DTMB/DVB-C demodulator shipments.
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AltoBeam Releases Fifth Generation DTMB/DVB-C Demodulator
Mar 8, 2012 – AltoBeam has announced the worldwide release of its fifth generation DTMB/DVB-C demodulator, the ATBM8869, for DTV markets that have adopted the DTMB and DVB-C standards.
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AltoBeam Supplies ATBM8845 DTMB/DVB-C Demodulators to Sharp
Nov 16, 2011 – AltoBeam has announced that Sharp (Tokyo:6753) has selected AltoBeam's ATBM8845 DTMB/DVB-C demodulator for its China-bound TV tuners. The ATBM8845 is in full compliance with GB20600-2006 and GY/T 170-2001, China's terrestrial and cable TV standards.
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US Consumers Scooped Up 3.5 Million Blu-ray 3-D Discs During First 12 Months of Availability
Jul 11, 2011 – U.S. consumers purchased 1.75 million Blu-ray Disc 3-D (BD3D) discs at retail during the format's first 12 months on the market, and brought home another 1.7 million units as part of hardware/software bundling deals, according to Screen Digest (NYSE: IHS).
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AltoBeam Releases Fourth Generation CTTB/DVB-C Demodulator IC
Mar 31, 2011 – AltoBeam has announced the release of its fourth generation CTTB/DVB-C demodulator, the ATBM8859. The ATBM8859 is in full compliance with GB20600-2006, China's DTT standard, and GY/T 170-2001, China's equivalent to the DVB-C standard.
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MTG Launches Viasat 3D
Dec 16, 2010 – Modern Times Group (STO:MTGB, MTGA) has announced that Viasat Broadcasting is the first Scandinavian pay-TV operator to launch a 3D TV service. Viasat 3D is now available to satellite subscribers through Viasat's digital OnDemand set-top box.
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LG Innotek Adopts DTMB Demodulators from AltoBeam
Nov 21, 2010 – AltoBeam has announced that LG Innotek has selected AltoBeam's flagship ATBM884x DTMB demodulator family, for its new China-bound hybrid TV tuner modules, the TDFR series.
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3D for Entertain: Deutsche Telekom conquers the third dimension
Sep 3, 2010 – Deutsche Telekom (Frankfurt: DTE)(NYSE:DT) propels its Entertain TV offer into the third dimension: At the start of IFA 2010, all Entertain customers can call up the content of their choice via Videoload, the online video store.
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Toshiba Corporation to bring its leading-edge technologies to CEATEC
Sep 26, 2008 – Toshiba (Tokyo:6502) has announced the product and technology innovations that it will spotlight at CEATEC. TVs empowered with the Cell/B.E. multi-core processor take visual entertainment to a new level.
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