Digital TV News: Divitel

Solcon deploys Verimatrix-Divitel joint OTT solution in the Netherlands
Oct 19, 2015 – Verimatrix has announced that it has partnered with Divitel to develop a joint solution that integrates its Video Content Authority System (VCAS) for Internet TV with the Divitel Operating Center (DOC). Dutch ISP Solcon has deployed the integrated solution.
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Divitel implements DVB-T2 for Wise in Suriname
May 16, 2014 – Divitel has announced that it has designed and delivered a new television platform for WISE, a subsidiary of Telesur, in Suriname. The platform mis based on the DVB-T2 technology standard.
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Divitel provides OTT multiscreen solution to TKS in Germany
May 8, 2014 – Divitel will launch a new television platform for TKS, an English-language service provider in Germany, based on Divitel's network-independent Divisio TV interactive television system.
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Vodafone Netherlands deploys Entone
Apr 14, 2014 – Entone has announced that Vodafone (LSE: VOD, NASDAQ: VOD) Netherlands is partnering with Entone and its systems integration partner, Divitel, for their fibre-based TV services in the Netherlands.
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Caiway selects Entone Hybrid Media Hub for new fiber roll-out
Sep 25, 2013 – Entone and Divitel have announced that Dutch cable operator, Caiway, has selected Entone's Amulet Hybrid Media Hub for their new fiber roll-out.
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Verimatrix and Divitel Partner to Extend Reach of Ziggo TV App
Sep 7, 2012 – Verimatrix and Divitel have announced that they have successfully collaborated on the expansion of Ziggo's Ziggo TV app. Ziggo is the largest cable operator in The Netherlands, providing services to more than three million cable subscribers.
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Divitel delivers HbbTV to SBS in the Netherlands
Feb 7, 2012 – Divitel has annouces the delivery of an HbbTV system to SBS Broadcasting. The HbbTV system is the first production play-out system that goes live in the Netherlands. SBS is to start offering HbbTV services from Q2 2012.
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Nordija middleware for Caiway
Sep 15, 2009 – Nordija is integrating its fokusOn3 IPTV platform with Caiway's back end systems. fokusOn3 is an upgraded version of Caiway's existing platform and represents an extended cooperation between the two companies, facilitated by Divitel.
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