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Nigeria's ACTV DTH chooses AMOS-5 satellite
Jan 26, 2015 – Spacecom (Tel Aviv: SCC) has announced that the AMOS-5 satellite has won a multi-year contract to transmit ACTV (African Cable TV), Nigeria's newest Pay TV platform, from its 17°E orbital position.
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Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem Unveils UltraViolet™ Brand
Jul 20, 2010 – The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) has announced its consumer brand - UltraViolet™ - and logo. In addition, the consortium announced three additional new members bringing the total to nearly 60 member companies.
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Industry Leaders to Create Global Standard Enabling 'Buy Once, Play Anywhere' Consumer Experience for Digital Media
Sep 12, 2008 – A consortium of more than 20 leading companies have announced the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), a digital media framework that will enable consumers to acquire and play content across a wide range of services and devices.
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