DVB-C2 News

Creonic Announces DVB-C2 Receiver IP Core
Aug 22, 2011 – Creonic has announced the availability of a DVB-C2 receiver IP Core for fourth quarter of 2011. After DVB-C, DVB-C2 is the second generation of digital data transmission via cable networks.
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DVB-C2 milestone at ANGA Cable 2011
Apr 26, 2011 – Visitors to this year's ANGA Cable will be able to see a DVB-C2 service received on the world's first-ever DVB-C2 prototype, IDTV TV with DVB-C2 tuner, from a leading brand CE manufacturer.
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NXP Delivers Unique Silicon TV Tuner Integrating Immunity to Wireless Network Interference
Dec 16, 2010 – NXP Semiconductors (Nasdaq: NXPI) has announced the TDA18273 - a unique silicon tuner integrating immunity to wireless network interference from wireless LAN and mobile phones.
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Sisvel to Create Patent Pool for DVB-C2
Oct 19, 2010 – Sisvel has announced that patent owners have asked Sisvel to act as the facilitator for the creation of a DVB-C2 joint patent licensing program. Accordingly, Sisvel issues a call for patents and patent applications essential to the DVB-C2 Standard.
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DVB At IBC 2010
Sep 10, 2010 – At this year's IBC, DVB is demonstrating its second-generation broadcast transmission systems. Visitors to the DVB stand can see, for the first time ever, live High Definition 3DTV broadcasts of all three standards - DVB-T2, DVB-S2 and DVB-C2.
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Kabel Deutschland completes its first DVB-C2 field test
Sep 7, 2010 – Kabel Deutschland has successfully completed tests of second generation DVB cable transmission system DVB-C2 on its cable network. The tests demonstrated DVB-C2's capability to deliver more TV channels and faster internet in the same spectrum.
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ReDeSign shows first public live transmission of DVB-C2
May 4, 2010 – The ReDe∫ign Project demonstrates the world's first public DVB-C2 live transmission at ANGA Cable 2010. The event marks an important milestone with respect to the introduction of the new technology in European broadband cable networks.
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Europe's Leading Cable Operators Signal Their Support for DVB-C2
Sep 22, 2009 – Nine of Europe's leading cable network operators, representing more than 35 million connected homes, have shown their immediate support and declared their intention to exploit the operational potential of DVB-C2.
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DVB at IBC 2009
Sep 11, 2009 – DVB-T2 takes pride of place on this year's DVB stand. Also on show is a local transmission utilising the DVB-SH standard. Other DVB technologies highlighted include DVB-C2, the second generation cable transmission system.
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