Digital TV News: Hans-Jürgen Désor

Over six million Android TV OS deployments for iWedia
Aug 3, 2022 – iWedia as announced that it has integrated its software solutions for digital TV service operators and consumer electronics manufacturers in more than 6 million Android TV OS deployments.
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iWedia partners with Realtek to launch NextGen TV reference platform
Jun 7, 2022 – iWedia has partnered with Realtek to develop a reference platform to speed ATSC 3.0 deployment. The platform is based on Realtek's TV SoC and hardware platform integrated with the iWedia ATSC 3.0 broadcast/broadband stack and browser.
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iWedia launches ATSC 3.0 software stack
May 17, 2022 – iWedia has announced the launch of an ATSC 3.0 broadcast and broadband software stack, designed to give network operators more flexibility, greater reliability and more efficient operation. iWedia has also become a member of the ATSC committee.
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Bouygues Telecom launches Bbox 4K HDR with iWedia
Apr 13, 2022 – iWedia has worked with Bouygues Telecom to develop and deploy its new Bbox 4K HDR set-top box. Using a custom Android TV launcher, Bouygues Telecom serves content and services to subscribers via a comprehensive UX.
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iWedia to provide STB system integration services to Canal+ International
Feb 8, 2022 – iWedia has announced that it is working on a new deployment with CANAL+ International, providing software services as the broadcaster consolidates its growth in multiple territories with an additional set-top box (STB) supplier.
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iWedia launches ad insertion platform, ATSC 3.0 stack and more
Dec 15, 2021 – iWedia has made several additions to its technology offering including an ad insertion platform, a multiscreen UI/UX solution and an ATSC 3.0 broadcast stack, plus the integration of Widevine CAS into its DTV middleware.
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iWedia supports client software integration for Ericsson MediaFirst TV platform
Sep 9, 2016 – iWedia has announced that it provides software integration services for Android client Set-Top Boxes (STB) for the Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform. At IBC 2016, iWedia is demoing the integration on the show floor.
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iWedia to integrate DVB and Android software with Ericsson Mediaroom Reach
Sep 12, 2014 – iWedia has announced that it has integrated its Comedia DVB software and its ANDROID4TV framework with the Ericsson Mediaroom Reach platform and set top box application.
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iWedia provides Linux-based H.264 STB software for ST's Liege chipsets
Sep 11, 2014 – iWedia has announced that it is offering Linux-based Teatro-3.0 STB software for STMicroelectronics’ Liege family of chipsets (STiH2xx) for connected H.264 STBs, and that it will be giving away a box manufactured by RT-RK for evaluation.
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