Digital TV News: Richard Broughton

Addressable TV now a $56bn industry
Jun 26, 2023 – A report published by Ampere Analysis, with Finecast and Microsoft Advertising, finds that the global addressable TV sector is now a $56bn industry. This is set to rise to $87bn by 2027.
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IPTV in Wonderland
Sep 24, 2008 – The latest report from Screen Digest examines the challenges faced by telcos and their IPTV services in 26 countries across Europe. 'IPTV Business Models: Profit and Loss in the Telco TV Space' discusses the likely success of their strategies.
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Price squeeze looms as telcos compete for pay-TV customers
Jun 9, 2008 – According to the latest research from media analysts Screen Digest, IPTV is rapidly becoming a commodity - bundled for no extra cost with a broadband and/or telephony package.
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IPTV becomes a disruptive influence in the European pay-TV market
Aug 29, 2007 – Well over 60 IPTV services operated across Europe at the end of the second quarter of 2007, with more to launch in the second half of the year. Whilst some major Western European states are used to competing with so many players, others are unfamiliar with such a jam-packed market.
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