Digital TV News: AdScribe

605 makes strategic investment in AdScribe
Apr 21, 2020 – 605 has announced that it has made a strategic investment in AdScribe. 605 and AdScribe partnered to develop 605 PLATF0RM, a self-service, web-based application that reports TV viewership of programming and advertising by advanced, custom-defined audiences.
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AdScribe supports Publitalia '80 HbbTV advertising in Italy
Jun 19, 2019 – AdScribe has announced that it has brought targeted advertising to Italian television viewers on compatible HbbTV devices. In partnering with AdScribe, Publitalia '80 is now capable of displaying more creative output to engage brands' customers.
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Forthnet releases 2018 results
Apr 25, 2019 – Forthnet has announced results for the year ended December 31, 2018. Pay TV subscribers, combining retail and wholesale in Greece and Cyprus, remained steady at 478,000. Collection of viewership data from set top boxes has started via a platform from AdScribe.
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Zenterio launches next-generation TV platform at IBC 2018
Sep 14, 2018 – At IBC2018, Zenterio will launch Zenterio TV, an entertainment client platform powered by Zenterio Cloud. Zenterio TV helps operators boost viewer satisfaction by distributing relevant content, increase profitability, secure their role in the pay-TV future, and begin supporting home automation offerings.
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Admeira runs interactive advertising in HbbTV trial with AdScribe
Oct 24, 2017 – AdScribe has announced that it is bringing interactive advertising to TV viewers on HbbTV devices. Admeira, partnering with AdScribe, has launched an advertising beta test running on the public TV channels delivered by a major Swiss TV operator.
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RiksTV deploys AdScribe audience measurement and analytics
Oct 10, 2017 – AdScribe has announced that RiksTV has deployed its audience measurement and analytics tool AdScribe Audience to accurately measure live TV; time-shift TV; catch-up TV; and VOD content viewed on connected set-top boxes; Android™ apps; and iOS devices.
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Zenterio acquires ad-tech company Adscribe
Dec 12, 2016 – Zenterio has announced that it has acquired the remaining 75% of UK based ad-tech and analytics company Adscribe. The acquisition follows the initial investment plan that was drawn up when Zenterio became a minority owner in Adscribe, at that time acquiring 25% of the UK based ad-tech and analytics company.
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