Digital TV News: Sky Italia

V-Nova video compression deployed by Sky Italia
Apr 19, 2016 – V-Nova has announced the deployment of its V-Nova PERSEUS video compression on Sky's IPTV platform in Italy. The move will enable Sky in Italy to expand the reach of its full HD offering over existing IP infrastructure.
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BSkyB adds 113,000 TV subscribers in 2Q 2015
Jul 29, 2015 – SKY plc has announced results for the twelve months ended 30 June 2015. In the UK and Ireland quarterly TV growth increased by 49% to 113,000. Sky confirmed that it is planning to deploy a European-wide set-top box.
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EU objects to cross-border provision of pay-TV services available in UK and Ireland
Jul 23, 2015 – The European Commission has taken the preliminary view that six studios and Sky UK have bilaterally agreed to put in place contractual restrictions that prevent Sky UK from allowing EU consumers located elsewhere to access, via satellite or online, pay-TV services available in the UK and Ireland.
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Frog by Wyplay for growth markets at 30¢ per device
Jun 2, 2015 – Wyplay has announced the evolution of the Frog by Wyplay open source solution aimed at bringing an attractive digital TV experience to subscribers with an affordable business and deployment model for operators, with a per device royalty starting at USD 0.30.
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Pay TV providers embrace OTT video and 'skinny' bundles
May 21, 2015 – The global pay TV services market, including cable TV, satellite TV, telco TV and over-the-top (OTT) video, totaled $237 billion in 2014, up 7 percent from the previous year, according to the 2015 IHS Infonetics Pay TV Services and Subscribers report.
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Frog by Wyplay powers Sky Italia HD decoders
Apr 21, 2015 – Wyplay has announced that Sky Italia, in cooperation with Telecom Italia, are deploying a broadband HDTV decoder powered by Frog By Wyplay. The full Sky TV service offering will be deployed by Telecom Italia for their ultra-broadband customers.
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TIM and Sky launch fibre-optic TV in Italy
Apr 16, 2015 – Telecom Italia (TIM) has announced that Sky Italia’s whole offer is now available as 'TIM Sky' to any of its customers that have a fibre-optic connection at 30 to 100 Mbit/s or 20 Mbit/s ADSL.
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V-Nova announces PERSEUS video compression technology
Apr 1, 2015 – V-Nova has announced the public release of a number of video compression products based on its PERSEUS technology. PERSEUS offers 2-3x compression gains under practical operating scenarios versus H.264, HEVC and JPEG2000.
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Sky reports 4Q 2014 results
Feb 4, 2015 – BSkyB (LSE:BSY) has released results for the three months ended 31 December 2014. Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland had a strong quarter, Germany posting its highest ever customer growth and Italy showing resilience.
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