Digital TV News: Sling Media

ViXS powers Slingbox M1 and SlingTV boxes
Jul 21, 2014 – ViXS Systems (TSX: VXS) has announced that Sling Media's just-announced Slingbox M1 and SlingTV products are based upon ViXS' XCode SoC media processor product family.
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Sling Media launches new 'TV Anywhere' solutions
Jul 16, 2014 – Sling Media (NASDAQ: SATS) has announced the Slingbox M1 and SlingTV. Both products deliver a customer's pay TV channels and programs from the living room to mobile devices in up to HD quality with no restrictions.
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Nagra DRM approved by DTLA for home network streaming
Apr 28, 2014 – NAGRA (SIX:KUD.S) has announced that its DRM technology, NAGRA MediaAccess Persistent Rights Management (PRM), was approved by the DTLA for the retransmission (streaming) of premium DTCP-IP content.
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Sling Media announces SlingPlayer Channel on Roku
Nov 18, 2013 – Sling Media (NASDAQ: SATS) has unveiled three new clients. SlingPlayer 3.0 and the SlingPlayer channel on the Roku® streaming platform are both available for download today. Sling Media will also introduce an app for Windows 8.1 in December.
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Slingbox 350 now available in the UK and Nordic countries
Sep 27, 2013 – Sling Media (NASDAQ: SATS) is launching the Slingbox 350 in the UK and Europe, and it will be available to customers through leading online and high-street retailers beginning Friday 27th September.
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ARRIS teams with Sling Media to introduce multiscreen media streamer
Sep 9, 2013 – ARRIS (Nasdaq: ARRS) and Sling Media (Nasdaq: SATS) are introducing a media streaming device that empowers service providers to offer live (up to 4 simultaneous HD channels) and recorded content for a comprehensive multiscreen experience for their subscribers.
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ViXS™ XCode® Media Processor Selected for Redesigned Slingbox® Products
Nov 6, 2012 – ViXS Systems has announced that its XCode 4210 and the XCode 4112 media processor SoCs have been selected to power the new Slingbox 500 and Slingbox 350 products from Sling Media (NASDAQ: SATS).
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ViXS announces network multimedia SoC with HEVC integrated
Sep 7, 2012 – ViXS Systems has announced a family of network multimedia systems-on-chip. The XCode 6210 is designed for media gateways. The XCode 6308 is designed for media streaming gateways. The XCode 6410 integrates HEVC and supports up to 4096 x 2160 (4Kx2K) resolution.
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EchoStar Debuts at ANGACable 2012 with Connected Device Solutions
Jun 7, 2012 – EchoStar (NASDAQ: SATS) will showcase a variety of connected device solutions at ANGACable 2012. Advanced solutions for pay TV operators will be featured alongside EchoStar's rapidly expanding retail product range.
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