Digital TV News: TDF

Singapore to launch DVB-T2 trial network in summer 2011
Jun 20, 2011 – MEDIA BROADCAST has been selected by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) to conduct a DVB-T2 technical trial in the city state.
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LG Innotek Adopts DTMB Demodulators from AltoBeam
Nov 21, 2010 – AltoBeam has announced that LG Innotek has selected AltoBeam's flagship ATBM884x DTMB demodulator family, for its new China-bound hybrid TV tuner modules, the TDFR series.
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Sisvel Announces Launch of DVB-T2 Patent Pool
Sep 9, 2010 – Sisvel has announced the launch of a new joint patent licensing program, or patent pool, offering a license under patents essential to DVB-T2.
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Omer Telecom to offer DVB-H mobile TV in France
Apr 22, 2010 – Omer Telecom is planning to launch mobile TV under the Virgin Mobile brand which it operates in France. The service will use a DVB-H multiplex network provided by TDF.
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New initiative for mass market mobile TV devices
Dec 1, 2009 – Fifteen service providers and broadcast network operators have launched an initiative to unify their handset requirements in order to have DVB-H enabled devices available as soon as possible, preferably for the FIFA football world cup in Q2 2010.
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LG Innotek Adopts Fresco Microchip's Universal Demodulator
Nov 18, 2009 – Fresco Microchip has announced that LG Innotek has selected Fresco's universal analog demodulator and digital IF processor IC for its new global hybrid (analog + digital) tuner modules, including the popular TDTJ and TDFR series.
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SISVEL Announces Progress in the Formation of the DVB-T2 Patent Pool
Sep 10, 2009 – On the occasion of IBC2009, SISVEL has announced that it has been coordinating meetings among owners of patent rights that have been evaluated as essential to the DVB-T2 standard by independent experts.
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Digita Chooses Envivio Encoding for New DVB-H Service in Finland
Aug 13, 2009 – Envivio has announced that its Mobile Series™ video encoding platform has been installed by Digita Oy. The platform is being used to deliver ten channels of DVB-H encoded mobile television to be offered by mobile operators in Finland.
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IWEDIA at the heart of innovation providing connected services for TV sets
Jan 7, 2009 – IWEDIA Middleware has announced its active involvement in advanced R&D projects aimed at providing a variety of connected services for TV sets.
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