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Pay TV ARPU at record high levels in the Nordics
Jun 3, 2020 – According to Dataxis, in the Nordic markets, almost every household accesses TV through paid subscriptions. Free-to-air reception only grants access to the few public channels, pushing viewers to subscribe to pay services.
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TV penetration in Sub-Saharan Africa still low
Sep 17, 2019 – According to Dataxis, among the 215 million households in the region, around 102 million have access to TV in 2018. Even though the penetration is progressing, TV has not yet fully penetrated into sub-Saharan African homes.
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European pay TV revenues up 19% since 2014
Aug 28, 2019 – According to Dataxis, from Q1 2014 to Q1 2019, the total subscription revenues of the direct Pay-TV market in Europe has increased by 19%, reaching 8.9 billion euros in Q1 2019. DTH remains the leading technology.
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European pay TV to gain 17.7 million subscribers between 2019 and 2023
Jul 12, 2019 – According to Dataxis, the European pay TV market is expected to gain 17.7 million subscribers between 2019 and 2023, reaching 230 million subscribers at the end of the period. The growth will be driven by IPTV and OTT.
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U.S. vMVPD subscriber growth plateaued in Q4 2018
Apr 25, 2019 – According to Dataxis, Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor (vMVPD) subscriber growth plateaued in the U.S. in Q4 2018. AT&T's DirecTV NOW lost 267,000 subscribers in the quarter, whereas other services experienced a subscription slowdown.
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Latin America SVOD OTT subscribers reach 21 million in Q3 2018
Mar 11, 2019 – According to Dataxis, in Q3 2018 Latin America passed 21 million subscribers to a Video on Demand OTT (SVOD) service. During 2018, Netflix consolidated its dominant position in the Latin American SVOD market.
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Worldwide 4K STB installed base hits 31 million units in 2017
Sep 20, 2018 – According to Dataxis, the global installed base for 4K Set-top Boxes grew to 31 million units at the end of 2017, compared to only 3 million units in 2015. Operators around the world are deploying more and more 4K boxes, which is reflected in the global numbers.
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52.5 million pay TV subs for European former USSR countries in 1Q 2018
Jul 17, 2018 – According to Dataxis, Pay-TV subscriptions in former European USSR countries reached 53.2m in the first quarter of 2018, a 3% YoY growth. In line with global trends, cable TV is declining in all countries of the region (-2% YoY).
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Pay TV subscribers in Latin America reached 71.4 million in Q1 2018
Jul 16, 2018 – According to Dataxis, there were 71.4 million pay TV subscribers in Latin America at end-Q1 2018, a drop of around 0.1% compared to the end of 2017. Venezuela, Brazil and Mexico were the markets recording the highest subscriber losses.
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