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Orange selects Eutelsat's HOT BIRD™ and ATLANTIC BIRD™ 3
Apr 10, 2008 – Orange has confirmed its selection of two Eutelsat premium video neighbourhoods, HOT BIRD™ and ATLANTIC BIRD™ 3, to broadcast by satellite the TV component of its triple play offer in cases where it is not accessible via ADSL.
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BBC and Nintendo collaborate to offer BBC iPlayer on Wii
Apr 9, 2008 – Erik Huggers, the BBC's Group Controller for Future Media and Technology, has unveiled a collaboration with Nintendo UK to offer BBC iPlayer via the Nintendo Wii.
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Orange announces the launch of Orange cinéma séries, the first premium television service available on all platforms
Apr 7, 2008 – Orange has announced the launch of Orange cinéma séries, the only service of its kind in the world to offer premium television on TV, PC and mobile.
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Launch of MAVISE - a new database on television channels and television companies in the European Union
Apr 1, 2008 – On 9 April 2008, the European Commission and the European Audiovisual Observatory will launch a new TV database set up to provide basic data on all the television channels accessible in the EU and the two candidate countries (Croatia and Turkey).
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Growing pains hold up mobile TV, video explosion
Apr 22, 2007 – The telecom and digital audiovisual entertainment businesses are busy getting TV and video onto mobile devices as screen quality and content delivery offer ever better viewing experiences. More …
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