Digital TV News: Cinea

Vienna State Opera streams world’s first live 4K internet broadcast
May 5, 2014 – Elemental Technologies has announced that the Vienna State Opera will use Elemental video processing solutions to stream the world’s first live production in 4K high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) delivered via MPEG-DASH over the Internet.
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Elemental to power Japan’s first 4K/HEVC real-time streaming trial
Oct 23, 2013 – Elemental Technologies has announced that K-Opticom, a telecommunications operator in Japan, will use Elemental video processing for the country’s first live 4K Ultra HD high-efficiency video coding (H.265/HEVC) transmission.
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Cinea Extends Running Marks Watermarking Solution with Perceptible ID Feature
Sep 12, 2008 – Cinea (NYSE: DLB) has announced an Enhanced Revenue Protection extension to its Running Marks™ watermarking. The extension enables the discreet display of the set-top box identifier (STB ID), known as Perceptible ID, on the video display.
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Cinea, Harmonic, and NDS Developing Integrated Solution for VOD Markets
Sep 12, 2008 – Cinea (NYSE: DLB), Harmonic Inc. (NASDAQ: HLIT) and NDS (NASDAQ: NNDS) have announced that they are developing an integrated VOD solution which harnesses Cinea's Running Marks™ watermarking, Harmonic's VOD, and NDS's VideoGuard® conditional access.
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Medialive introduces m2mark®: a unique approach combining intrinsically forensic watermarking and DRM/CAS technologies
Sep 10, 2008 – Medialive has announced the launch of a new SDK product range: m2mark®, which features a highly secure approach to merging forensic watermarking and DRM/CAS technologies. The solution integrates Running Marks™ watermarking from Cinea (NYSE: DLB).
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SecureMedia Advances IPTV Content Security by Incorporating Cinea's Running Marks™ Digital Watermarking Technology
Mar 17, 2008 – SecureMedia has announced the addition and integration of Cinea's Running Marks™ watermarking solution into SecureMedia's popular Encryptonite ONE™ System, through its exclusive IdentiFind™ open digital forensics platform.
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MultiMedia Intelligence Identifies Digital Watermarking & Fingerprinting As Key New Technology Opportunities to Monetize Digital Media
Jan 21, 2008 – MultiMedia Intelligence reports that applications leveraging content identification technologies such as digital watermarking and fingerprinting are growing rapidly and could surpass US$500 million worldwide by 2012.
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Nagravision and Kudelski Group Affiliated Companies to Demonstrate Innovative End-to-End Solutions for Broadcast, Broadband and Mobile TV at IBC2007
Sep 6, 2007 – Nagravision is demonstrating end-to-end solutions for broadcast, broadband and mobile TV at IBC2007 from September 7 -11, 2007 in Amsterdam.
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Conax Conditional Access to Incorporate Cinea's Running Marks Watermarking Technology
Sep 6, 2007 – Conax has announced that it would integrate Running Marks™ watermarking technology licensed from Cinea, Inc., a subsidiary of Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: DLB), into its security products.
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