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Motorola to demonstrate real-time HD HEVC encoding and decoding at NABShow
Apr 5, 2013 – At the 2013 NAB Show, Motorola will continue its history of innovation with its first ever real-time HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) encoding and decoding demonstration at its exhibit space, booth # SU2017.
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Canada's Eastlink moves to MPEG-4 HD with Motorola
Nov 10, 2011 – Motorola (NYSE: MMI) has announced that Canada's EastLink has deployed two of Motorola's advanced HD set-tops, the DCX3400-M and DCX700-M. These set-tops enable the migration of HD broadcast and on-demand services to MPEG-4.
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Magnalink Selects Motorola FTTH and IPTV Solutions for the Czech Republic
Sep 7, 2009 – Motorola (NYSE: MOT) has announced that Magnalink has chosen Motorola Home & Networks Mobility's (H&NM) GPON and IPTV set -top solutions to deliver services within the city of Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic.
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Motorola to Deploy Mobile TV Network for Info-TV-FM in Poland
Aug 7, 2009 – Motorola (NYSE: MOT) has announced that it has been selected by INFO-TV-FM to design and deploy a mobile TV network, based on DVB-H and OMA BCAST, for Poland. Deployment is planned for Warsaw and 9 other Polish cities by the end of 2009.
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Motorola Supplies 150,000 IPTV Set-Tops to Portugal Telecom
May 13, 2009 – Motorola (NYSE: MOT) has announced that it has delivered 150,000 IPTV set tops to Portugal Telecom (Lisbon: PTC; NYSE: PT) for its 'meo' triple play service. At 31st of December of 2008, the operator had 312,000 customers for the service.
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Ziggo Selects Motorola Video Server to Power HD Video-on-Demand Service
Sep 8, 2008 – Motorola (NYSE: MOT) has announced that Ziggo, the Netherlands' largest cable service provider, has selected Motorola's on-demand platform to deliver Ziggo's High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) video-on-demand service.
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Motorola and Deutsche Telekom Collaborate on IPTV
Sep 1, 2008 – Motorola (NYSE: MOT) and Deutsche Telekom (Frankfurt: DTE; NYSE:DT) have announced a collaboration to deliver IPTV in Germany and Deutsche Telekom will use Motorola's High Definition (HD)-ready IPTV set-tops for its 'T-Home Entertain' services.
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Motorola Ships One Millionth Digital Set-Top Box to ONO
Apr 24, 2008 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) has celebrated shipping its one millionth digital cable set-top box (STB) to Spanish cable provider ONO.
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Motorola Selected as Lead Supplier for Next-Generation of BT Vision Set-Top Boxes
Jan 7, 2008 – BT has selected Motorola as the lead supplier of next-generation set-top boxes for its BT Vision digital TV service. Motorola will supply BT with second-generation V-Boxes for deployment in 2009.
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