Digital TV News: Televes

UHD Spain tests end-to-end transmission of UHD-HDR and 5G
Oct 23, 2023 – UHD Spain has tested UHD-HDR broadcasting using 5G contributions, cloud mixing, multi-media broadcasting including 5G Broadcast, and the use of the public Internet network for signal transport.
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ZapperBox unveils NEXTGEN TV DVR at CEDIA Expo 2023
Sep 7, 2023 – ZapperBox has announced the debut of its ZapperBox M1 NEXTGEN TV DVR, boasting an abundance of advanced features, including Dolby Atmos support, 4K resolution, and HDR capability, at CEDIA Expo 2023.
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BitRouter announces ZapperBox M1 v1.2 software and ZapperBox A1 antenna
Apr 16, 2023 – BitRouter is now shipping version 1.2 software for the ZapperBox M1 NEXTGEN TV set-top box. The company will soon also start shipping the ZapperBox A1 antenna designed for NEXTGEN TV.
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SAPEC powers World Cup UHD broadcasting on DTT in Spain
Dec 19, 2022 – SAPEC solutions played a fundamental role in the contribution and distribution through DTT of the Qatar 2022 World Cup in Spain via the use of its Sivac-ONE media processing platform.
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Evoca and partners enhance throughput with ATSC 3.0 cross-polarization
Apr 19, 2022 – Evoca TV has successfully transmitted TV content using the cross-polarization functionality of the ATSC 3.0 standard. Cross-polarization has the potential to dramatically increase the available payload for TV broadcasts.
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AirTV begins offering 4K Android TV-based streaming player
Jan 3, 2017 – AirTV has begun offering AirTV Player, a 4K Android TV-based streaming device. AirTV Player integrates Netflix, Sling TV, YouTube and thousands of options in the Google Play Store with free local OTA channels. AirTV Player connects to a TV via HDMI.
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Televes integrates Civolution watermarking for the MDU market
Sep 4, 2014 – Civolution and Televes have announced the integration and deployment of Civolution’s content protection technology NexGuard with Televes multi-dwelling unit (MDU) broadcasting signal distribution system.
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Televes chooses 'httvBOX' for HbbTV-compliant STB deployment
Aug 21, 2012 – At IBC 2012, httv will showcase the first commercial deployment of its 'httvBOX' set-top box (STB) turnkey solution. Televes has chosen httv's httvBOX firmware to launch its HbbTV-compliant STB, based on Sigma Designs' (NASDAQ: SIGM) SMP8670 SoC.
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Nagravision to Secure New 'TDT Premium' Pay DTT in Spain
Sep 2, 2009 – Nagravision (SWX:KUD) has announced that its NAGRA Media ACCESS conditional access (CA) system has been selected to secure the 'TDT Premium' pay TV digital terrestrial television (DTT) horizontal platform operated by Spain's Abertis Telecom.
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