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VBox releases ATSC 3.0 Testbed version 2.5
Apr 5, 2022 – VBox Communications has announced the availability of Version 2.5 of its ATSC 3.0 Testbed platform – offering an array of new features and enhanced functionality for the NextGenTV product development community.
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VBox announces ATSC 3.0 Testbed
Aug 11, 2021 – VBox Communications has announced the availability of its new ATSC 3.0 Testbed – an enhanced version of the company’s original ATSC 3.0 Android TV Gateway product released earlier this year.
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VBox announces ATSC 3.0 Android TV Gateway
May 4, 2021 – VBox Communications has announced its ATSC 3.0 Android TV Gateway, adding ATSC 3.0 capability to its TV Gateway product line. The Android TV box, supports both streaming services and 4K live TV channels.
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Vodafone Portugal enhances the TV user experience
Jul 17, 2019 – Vodafone Portugal has launched an updated user experience for its Vodafone TV service. Among the new features are an intelligent search engine with natural language recognition and the use of artificial intelligence to show personalized recommendations in the UX.
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NeuLion powers NOVA OTT in Bulgaria
Sep 15, 2017 – NeuLion (TSX:NLN) has announced a partnership with NOVA Broadcasting, a Bulgarian broadcaster, to launch an OTT service. The service – DIEMA XTRA PLAY - will deliver live linear channels and live events to viewers on multiple devices.
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VBox TV gateway records live TV directly to home network storage
Jul 21, 2014 – VBox Communications has announced that its TV Gateways now support Whole House DVR/PVR recording of live TV to a Windows network shared folder or Network Attached Storage (NAS).
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Novabase selects Sigma Designs SoC and HTTV Open Middleware for IPTV HDMI stick
Jan 2, 2014 – Sigma Designs (NASDAQ: SIGM) has announced that Novabase Digital TV Technologies has selected Sigma Designs' SMP8674 media processor for its HbbTV-compliant HDMI-Stick IPTV STB.
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httvBOX available on STMicroelectronics new STB SoC family
Sep 3, 2012 – httv has announced the implementation of its 'httvBOX' STB turnkey solution on STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) new STB chipsets family STiH207 and its derivatives STiH237, STiH239 and STiH273. ST will showcase 'httvBOX' on its booth at IBC 2012.
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Televes chooses 'httvBOX' for HbbTV-compliant STB deployment
Aug 21, 2012 – At IBC 2012, httv will showcase the first commercial deployment of its 'httvBOX' set-top box (STB) turnkey solution. Televes has chosen httv's httvBOX firmware to launch its HbbTV-compliant STB, based on Sigma Designs' (NASDAQ: SIGM) SMP8670 SoC.
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