Digital TV News: European Court of Justice

European Court of Justice finds online terrestrial TV re-broadcasting services infringe copyright
Mar 7, 2013 – The European Court of Justice has found that, when a given work is put to multiple use, each transmission or retransmission of that work using a specific technical means must, as a rule, be individually authorised by its author.
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Court of Justice ruling means PVRs escape EU customs duty
Apr 14, 2011 – The European Court of Justice has ruled that for customs purposes decoders with a hard disk drive are set-top boxes and not recording apparatus and so are exempt from customs duties instead of being subject to a rate of 13.9%.
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Commission welcomes political agreement on new Directive for Europe's audiovisual media
May 24, 2007 – After a legislative process of 18 months only, a political agreement has been reached on the new Audiovisual Media Services without frontiers Directive.
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