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Deutsche Telekom rolls out router update to support its SmartHome offering
May 16, 2017 – Deutsche Telekom wants to smooth the way for its customers into the smart, connected homes – and is integrating the features for using its Magenta SmartHome offering in the Speedport Smart router.
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TDC selects Mariner xVu for TV service assurance
Mar 21, 2017 – Mariner xVu has announced that TDC Group will deploy Mariner's xVu software as part of its strategic initiative to deliver best-in-class customer satisfaction and to enhance the organization's Service Experience Monitoring (SEM) project.
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TeamF1 Networks provides home gateway for Reliance Jio
Mar 1, 2017 – Reliance Jio has built an all-IP network with 4G LTE technology. TeamF1 Networks, a subsidiary of D-Link (India), has announced its partnership with Jio for delivering the home gateway solution.
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Comcast previews whole-home networking solution at CES2017
Jan 4, 2017 – At CES, Comcast has previewed a new, whole-home networking solution that will provide customers with a simple, fast and intuitive way to control and manage their Digital Home and the devices connected to it.
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Z-Wave Alliance to make S2 security mandatory for IoT device certification
Nov 17, 2016 – The Z-Wave Alliance has announced that it is adding a security requirement to its interoperability certification. The implementation of the new Security 2 (S2) framework will be mandatory from April 2nd, 2017.
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Bell Canada offers world's first fully wireless 4K IPTV service
Aug 29, 2016 – Bell has announced the availability of the Home Hub 3000, offering the most powerful home Wi-Fi service in Canada, and the world's first fully wireless IPTV service with the Wireless 4K Whole Home PVR from Fibe TV.
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Tricolor TV to deploy Eutelsat multiscreen video delivery service
Jul 27, 2016 – Tricolor TV and Eutelsat (Paris: ETL) have announce that they are deploying the first network in Russia to use SmartBeam, Eutelsat's multi-screen video delivery solution. SmartBeam opens the door to the deployment of the first satellite network in Russia to deliver video content to mobile devices.
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Broadband access market reaches record level in 2015
Mar 2, 2016 – According to Dell’Oro Group, the worldwide Broadband Access market, which includes Cable, DSL, and PON, reached a record level and exceeded $12B in 2015, driven by PON. Looking at 2016, Cable Modem is predicted to make a comeback.
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802.11ac to represent nearly 65% of access point shipments in 2016
Feb 2, 2016 – According to ABI Research, 802.11ac adoption in Wi-Fi access points will continue to accelerate in 2016 as more 802.11ac Wave 2 products enter the market, along with the introduction of tri-band access points.
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