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Satellite TV now in 8.4 million Italian homes
Oct 25, 2016 – Eutelsat (Paris: ETL) has presented fresh data on trends shaping Italy’s TV landscape where average viewing of linear content is the highest in Western Europe, at four hours and 40 minutes per person per day.
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21.5 million German TV homes receiving channels via HOT BIRD
Jun 8, 2016 – Eutelsat has revealed the first results of its Eutelsat TV Observatory 2016 for the German market. From 2014 to 2016, the HOT BIRD position increased its German DTH audience by 30% to 3.1 million homes.
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21% of UK users have accessed TV content illegally
Jul 22, 2015 – A survey, published by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), shows the latest UK trends in online streaming and downloading. 62% of internet users in the UK have downloaded or streamed music, TV shows, films, computer software, videogames or e-books. This is up from 56% in 2013.
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Eutelsat satellites broadcasting TV into 274 million homes in Europe, North Africa, Middle East
Jan 9, 2015 – Eutelsat (Paris:ETL) has revealed that in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, 274 million homes are now either equipped for DTH reception or connected to a cable or IP network offering channels broadcast by a Eutelsat satellite.
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Streaming video brings pressures and profits to traditional U.S. pay TV providers
Nov 4, 2014 – The proliferation of streaming video alternatives, while still posing a long-term competitive challenge for traditional Pay TV providers, may also be producing beneficial results across the service category, as indicated by a recent consumer survey from TNS.
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Digital TV in 84% of Dutch households
Jul 22, 2014 – According to the first-half 2014 Media Standard Survey (MSS), digital television is now in 84% of Dutch households, with more than one in three households (36%) having a hard disk recorder.
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Rise of digital devices drives new viewing habits
Jul 10, 2014 – According to TNS, while our love affair with television endures, TV sets alone are no longer enough to satisfy our appetite for content, driving the growth of online media and ‘screen-stacking’ as a result.
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Eutelsat-Nilesat 7/8°W video audience exceeds 50 million homes
Mar 11, 2014 – Eutelsat (Paris:ETL) has unveiled at Cabsat Dubai the results of its survey on TV reception modes and trends across the Middle East and North Africa.
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Digital TV in 82% of Dutch households
Feb 3, 2014 – According to the 2013 Media Standard Survey (MSS) produced by TNS-NIPO for Stichting KijkOnderzoek (SKO), digital television is now in 82% of Dutch households, up from 76% in 2012.
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