MHEG-5 (Digital Teletext) News

DTG Testing and Mirifice introduce automated MHEG testing
Jul 5, 2012 – DTG Testing and Mirifice have developed an automation system for MHEG based on Mirifice's MiriATE® product. DTG Testing has also released an MHEG automation test suite for pre-compliance testing, prior to submission to DTG Testing for final testing.
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iWedia to launch Teatro line of turnkey software solutions for STBs and Smart TVs at ANGA Cable 2012
Jun 11, 2012 – iWedia has announced the launch of its Teatro line of products at ANGA Cable 2012 in Cologne. A comprehensive line of turnkey software solutions, Teatro is equally relevant for zappers, advanced STBs, and Smart TVs.
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Ocean Blue Talking TV Software Benefits Thousands In Australia As Part Of Government Help-Box Scheme
Apr 4, 2012 – Ocean Blue has partnered with Hills Antenna & TV System to release the first of its kind 'Talking' set-top box in Australia. The Talking Set Top Box, Hills HD94003G, was developed with the assistance of the Australian Government and Vision Australia.
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Broadcom offers industry's first integrated DVB-T2 receiver SoC
Mar 19, 2012 – Broadcom (NASDAQ:BRCM) has announced the BCM3461 - the industry's first fully integrated 40nm DVB-T2 receiver - driving the deployment of digital terrestrial services in over 28 countries throughout the world that have formally adopted the standard.
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Ocean Blue to launch HbbTV, T2 And MHEG Turnkey Solution At IP&TV World Forum
Mar 15, 2012 – Ocean Blue Software has announced that their multi-process DVB core, MHEG-5 and HbbTV middleware is to be launched at the IP&TV world forum in London next week.
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DTG unveils next-generation features for Freeview platform
Feb 29, 2012 – The DTG has announced the latest technical specification enhancements for Freeview and Freeview HD - as the digital television industry gathers for its annual Summit on 2 March in London. An updated D-Book will be published on 31 March 2012.
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Connect TV to More Than Double Channels on UK Freeview
Feb 27, 2012 – Connect TV, the new platform that is bringing broadband TV to UK Freeview, has launched its service with an initial lineup of 45 internet delivered channels which viewers can access directly from the Freeview menu or electronic programme guide (EPG).
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EBU drive will bring Hybrid TV into European homes in 2012
Dec 1, 2011 – More than 20 EBU Members have agreed to collaborate to unlock the full potential of Hybrid TV for a European rollout of the technology in 2012. The announcement came as the EBU opened its 67th General Assembly, at the EBU headquarters, in Geneva.
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S&T provides MHEG interactive services for TV5 DVB-T2 trial in Thailand
Jun 8, 2011 – Strategy & Technology (S&T) has provided Army TV5 in Bangkok with its TSBroadcaster2 carousel system to play out MHEG interactive applications as part of their DVB-T2 trial that has been on-air for some months.
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