Digital TV News: FTTH Council

FTTH growth accelerates in Europe
Feb 24, 2010 – In 2009, growth in terms of subscribers and Homes/Buildings passed has accelerated in Europe. In EU36 (including Russia), there were nearly 3.5 million FTTH/B subscribers and more than 25 million Homes/Buildings Passed.
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FTTH Council Issues First Official European Ranking Of FTTH Market Penetration
Dec 15, 2008 – The first official European Fibre"to"the"Home (FTTH) ranking shows smaller countries leading the way in FTTH connections. Mid-term projections show, however, that bigger economies are closing the gap.
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FTTH Connections Rise to 3.76 Million North American Households
Sep 23, 2008 – The upgrading of North America's last mile networks with fiber is continuing, with fiber to the home (FTTH) arriving at more than 1.6 million households over the past year, bringing the total number of FTTH subscribers to 3.76 million.
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Asia-Pacific Continues to Lead in FTTH Market Penetration
Jul 23, 2008 – Asia consolidated its position as the global leader in next-generation broadband while the United States and Europe also continued to experience robust growth in FTTH, according to the FTTH Councils of Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.
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